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 ​​​This 90-minute full body massage features a 60-minute full body massage followed by a 30 minute face and foot massage. During your 30-minute face and foot massage alternating hot and cold Himalayan Salt Stones will be placed over your chakras while you receive a cold stone face massage followed by a foot massage. 

Special: $95.00 for a full 1-1/2 hour massage (normally $170) 

​valid through August 31, 2018

​Ah, summer on Long Island, finally! With all the activities and running around, don’t forget to make time for yourself and relax. Read on for 3 great reasons you should indulge in a summer massage.

Winter hibernation is over! Whether you’re hiking, running around with the kids, or simply taking the dog for a longer walk, chances are you’re outside and moving a lot more. This can lead to muscle soreness, tension, or even straining. Regular massages can relieve soreness and tension, prevent strains, increase blood circulation, and even improve posture and ease of motion.

Summer is when everything gets switched up. Kids are out of school, half your coworkers are on vacation, and you’ve got a zillion travel plans yourself. You’ll be happy to learn that massage releases endorphins, leading to feelings of calmness, relaxation, and reduced stress.

There are times when summer isn’t so cool. We’re talking sun-beating-down, can’t-even-think-straight, I-need-water-now HOT. Get out of the heat and chill out with us—your physical, mental, and emotional health will thank you!