Massage Therapy

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STICKS & STONES MASSAGE, a meld of warm Himalayan salt stone and bamboo fusion massage, in which an expertly-trained therapist uses warm salt stones and bamboo sticks to release tension, stimulate tissue, and instill a deep sense of serenity and well-being. The service begins with warm Himalayan salt stones gliding over sore muscles while warming and relaxing tissue in preparation for more detailed bodywork. Once the muscles are warm, the therapist moves to bamboo sticks of varying sizes, using them as an extension of the body, performing firm, consistent strokes, and rolling out knotted muscles like soft dough.

The Sticks and Stones Massage is ideal for individuals who crave massage pressure similar to deep tissue, but with the added benefit of warm Himalayan salt stones and the firm, comforting touch of bamboo. The therapist’s ability to easily locate muscle tension is aided and enhanced by the solidity of the tool, allowing for firmer pressure than is possible with a thumb or forearm. The service also features rice bran oil blended with the youth-preserving power of jojoba and coconut oils, to restore the suppleness of skin tone and revitalize the mind.

The combination created in this service is exceptionally healing…releasing tension, calming the nervous system, improving circulation, detoxifying the body, and boosting endorphins. Relax with a 90-minute massage, there is no way to go wrong with the Sticks and Stones Massage.